Yacht, Aircraft and Motorcoach Owners

As a former design professional, I chose to purchase the IntegraTect formula because it was the only product I trusted to protect my clients interiors. IntegraTect is now available to Yacht, Aircraft, and Motor Coach owners. IntegraTect's Premium Fabric Protection Service will save you considerable time and money while maintaining your Yacht, Aircraft, and Motor Coach most valuable assets, the pristine qualities of every fiber related element of its luxurious interior. Just one application of IntegraTect will extend the life of your upholstery and canvas investment and save you pre-mature replacement costs. Our revolutionary formula is gentle enogh to be used on silk and tough enough to be used for harsh marine environments.

Here's how

IntegraTect proprietary non-fluorochemical based formula will eliminate premature stain and UV damage. IntegraTect is safe to use on all natural and manmade fiber based products, including delicate silk, suede, and finished leather. It will not affect the color or hand of any fabric or fiber.

• IntegraTect's superior protective qualities will allow you to select delicate fabrics not normally used in high stain impact areas.

Integratect's proprietary UV protector will help prevent color fading and UV damage from sun exposure. Fluorochemical protectors do not provide UV damage protection.

Integratect's one time permanent application will save you money and inconvenience by eliminating the costly re-application fees associated with using temporary fluorochemical products that are a hazard to the environment.

Integratect Stops spills from becoming stains. Please refer to our money back warranty on our Products Page.

Yacht, Aircraft, and Motor Coach owners that choose Integratect can rest assured that their family and friends will continue to enjoy their yachts, aircraft or motorcoach's attractive, clean, and fresh looking interior for many years to come. Owners will save money by extending the useful life of their interior for only pennies on the dollar.

If you would like to discuss my company's product and services further, please call me at 337.212.1055 or e-mail:steve@IntegraTect.com.

Best Regards:
Stephen P. Wright, President
IntegraTect International, LLC.