I treated my furniture and rugs with IntegraTect last May. I did it to protect my furniture from dirt that my kids and dog might bring in! I never anticipated that I would be the one to spill red wine all over it. I am so thankful that I used it in my own home, as well as treating my clients furniture with it. Had I not used IntegraTect, I would surely be re-upholstering this 2 year old chaise!

Thank you for teaching me about a product that adds so much value to the products I buy for people and use myself. IntegraTect gives me and my clients peace of mind that our furniture will outlive the messes of life!

Amy Storms


Just thought I would share an interesting story about your Integratect treatment. We did the carpet that you supplied in a King Air 200. The carpet was EXTREMELY light colored for an airplane which I strongly discouraged the customer from but none the less….he chose it. I was able to talk him into using the stain protectant you offered me. Carpet was beautiful and customer loved it Two weeks later the pilot called me to let me know that the toilet water (BLUE WATER) had backed up and leaked all over the carpet in the Lav area. Pilot said that it wiped right out. I was shocked. We did have to re-sew the surging yarn around the sides for him as these were not treated with the protectant, but once that was done….you could not tell it had ever happened.

Kudos to you and your team for an exceptional product and I would have never guessed that the stain protectant would work on “the blue toilet water”. You cannot get that off your hands when you touch it.

Thank you for talking me into it

Rodd Caldwell
J.A. Air Center
Sugar Grove, IL

IntegraTect has provided outstanding fabric protection services for me and my Design partners for the past three years. Steve and his application Tech’s are professional in every way, providing our clients with prompt and courteous service and excellent follow up when they have questions. Lovelace Interiors serves the high end vacation home market along the Emerald Coast of Florida where clients go to relax and have fun with family and friends. IntegraTect’ unique, permanent application formula has saved the day on many occasions when accidental spills occur. Our clients can now relax and enjoy the vacations knowing that IntegraTect is protecting their Interiors from stains and UV damage. I will be happy to recommend Steve and his company IntegraTect fabric protection service to Designers and their clients.

Cassidy Pickens
Interior Designer
Lovelace Interiorrs
Destin, Florida

Thank you for your treatment of our rental condo's furniture with your IntegraTect product. Recently, after our renters checked out, our houskeeping service found our brand new sofa covered with childrens finger paints, glue, and candy. Thanks to IntegraTect they were able to clean it all off in twenty minutes so the condo would be ready in time for the next guests!

Steve H.
Real Estate Investor
Dallas, Tx

Sofa passed the test! I had friends over for a light buffet and served a chocolate dessert that was a little crumbly.....and some chocolate got ground into my white sofa. I remembered what you said about how easily it should come clean -- and the spots came right out. Thank you IntegraTect. Whew!!

Camille M.
Beaumont, Tx.

Thank you for treating my silk dining room chairs with Integratect. I was so pleased how your product withstood the greasy little hands and spills of 4 young grandchildren and 6 adult children for weekly "dine around" family dinners! I highly recommend your product and service.

Tracy M.
Lafayette, LA

Just had to let you know what a great product you sell! As dear and sweet and thoughtful as our 13 grandchildren are, after a few days of adding that many more footprints to the carpets, and the food and drink that are consumed and spilled while enjoying the camaraderie, those precious 13 leave a lot of clean up for us. But it's EASY, thanks to INTEGRATECT! We are so happy that we made the decision to have you treat both of our beach condos in FL, and our new Audi A8, and our home in Indian Wells, CA. The kids love to come and we love to have them in our homes and our car, especially since we do not have to worry about spots, stains, spills and indelible footprints! Integratect is a fabulous product that has PROTECTED against chocolate fingerprints on white sofas, tennis shoe grass/dirt stains on carpets, greasy fingerprints on leather seats and even red drink spills. Thank you for making "grandparenting" much easier.

Kay D
The Vintage
Indian Wells, CA

Many thanks for treating our new Marquis yacht with your Integratect fabric protector. We no longer have to worry about the cream leather sofas, the white sheepskin rug or the designer silk and linen bedding. All survived the big kids (adult wine parties) and the little kids (grandchildren and juice cups) without a stain! Peace of mind is priceless! We sincerely thank you and are happy to share recommendations for your product and your service company with all of our yachting friends.

Kim J.
Destin Florida

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Integratect fabric protection. It has saved my new home's furnishings from many stains and my silk and linen drapes from UV damage. I am extremely pleased with the incredible performanc of your product! After many family gatherings and parties, I do not have a single stain, not even red wine, on my white couch, tan rug or light colored carpeting! Upon the recommendation of my designer, my silk and linen drapes were treated to protect them from the harsh south Louisiana sunlight. I am so glad that I listened! The drapes look as great as the day they were installed. Not a bit of fading, not even those hanging on the west side of my house. Thank you for protecting my investment to enjoy for many years!

Michelle P.
Opelousas, LA

I have personally been witness to the true test of your product by the many satisfied and happy customers I have served. For over a decade my company has been applying the IntegraTect formula to thousands of garments a year. It works so well that it was chosen to protect very expensive designer ladies apparel used in runway style shows in New York. These designers are extremely discerning and protective of their creations and often sell these expensive garments after being modeled in the Runway shows. They have been very satisfied customers.

As we discussed, I intend to continue using IntegraTect’s formula to protect high end fashion garments and recently in the healthcare industries to protect privacy curtains from stains. In closing, although the name has changed over the years the formula has not, and I would never risk my business or my reputation on a product that I didn’t have 100% confidence in.

Mason Kirsch, President
Central Apparel Services