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Note from the President of IntegraTect:

History of IntegraTect:

As a former design professional (D3 Architects. Inc.), I've tested many of the fluoro-chemical based fabric protectors that dominate the current fabric protection industry and always found their long term performance to be less than acceptable. I began a lengthy search that ultimately led me to a formula that provided both astounding stain and UV protection and long lasting endurance. I was so impressed with it's performance that I purchased the trade secret formula and made it the cornerstone of my new company IntegraTect Premium Fabric Protection Service.

IntegraTects unique capabilities will save your company considerable time and money while maintaining what discerning guests admire most about your company's product, the ambiance and pristine qualities of its interiors. Just one application of IntegraTect will extend the life of your upholstery, carpets, curtains, drapes, and bedding, saving pre-mature replacement costs. Our revolutionary formula is gentle enough to be used on silk and tough enough to withstand harsh environments.

Here's how:

• IntegraTect is a non fluorochemical product with super stain resistant qualities that will save your staff time removing stains in high impact areas.

• IntegraTect's one time permanent application will save costly down time by eliminating the need for expensive re-applications on annual or semi-annual basis. Most fabric protectors are temporary fluorochemical coatings that will wear off after a few cleanings or from the abrasion of ordinary use.

• IntegraTect's proprietary UV protector will help prevent color fading and UV damage from sun exposure.

IntegraTect Stops spills from becoming stains. Please refer to our money back warranty on our Products Page.

Bottom line, you can rest assured that your valued guests will keep returning because IntegraTect's premium formula will help keep your interiors looking attractive, clean, and fresh. If you would like to schedule an appointment to further discuss how IntegraTect's unique protective qualities will save your company money, please call me at 337-212-1055.

Best Regards:
Stephen P. Wright, President
IntegraTect International, LLC