The Competition

The current two billion dollar fabric protection market has been dominated for over 20 years by fluorochemical products licensed out by industry giants. These products have been heavily promoted in all forms of media as the "safe" solution to all Fabric Protection issues. In reality, the long term manufacturing and use of these products have revealed a different story. Professionals who have used fluorochemical products for years know that the coatings flake or wash off and do not hold up to abrasion or cleaning and must be re-applied often to provide protection. The EPA and other scientific and environmental organizations have warned about the health risks of PFOA contamination and other hazardous aspects of manufacturing and using fluorochemical products. Many law suits have been filed and large cash settlements made in response to health issue's caused by these products. The EPA has fined these companies for hiding evidence about health issues related to exposure to these chemicals to employees and residents adjacent to the plant. These industry giants have agreed to curtail the release of PFOA by 2015.

IntegraTect Premium Fabric Protection Service is a far better solution to the fluorochemical competition because:

1. It is safe to apply and has no Fluorochemicals in its formula.
2. It provides a permanent "penetrating" protectant that becomes a part of each fiber instead of coating that peels off when cleaned or abraded. Integratect's protective qualities will outlast the fabric it is applied to.
3. It has UV inhibitors that help ward off the harmful effects of the Sun's UV rays, thereby extending the useful life of the fabric.

IntegraTects' environmentally friendly trade secret formula is permanent and has proven it can outperform fluorochemical products. IntegraTect has been accepted by nearly every Interior Designer we have met with as the preferred replacement for fluorochemical protectors.