The Company

IntegraTect International, LLC
Stephen P. Wright, President
221 Scenic Gulf Drive
Suite No. 450
Miramar Beach, FL 32550

The Business of IntegraTect:

IntegraTect is a fabric protection application service company that provides its product and services to every realm of the human living environment that utilizes fabrics and fibers. IntegraTect's management is proud to introduce this remarkable solution as the new National Standard in the multi-billion Fabric Protection Marketplace.

IntegraTect Management:
Stephen P. Wright, President
IntegraTect International, LLC.

Military Career:
USAF Special Ops. Combat Weatherman
Disabled American Veteran
Business Career:
President OrNoir Exploration (Oil and Gas)
President D3 Architects (A Professional Corp.)
Co-owner LaRuche Anitques and Art Imports